"What a horrible partner!"
— Willa in "Ring of Fire"

Willa Zhou
Full name

Willa Pan Zhou





Endurance 3: Hawaii, 8th place

Seattle, WA




Blue Team


Antonio Iannicelli


The Arrival


Bagging on You

Born in the Year of the Dragon, Willa likes a challenge—especially when someone tells her she can't do something. She has a ready laugh and says she's always hungry—especially for adventure. This athlete/scholar's goals are to be an obstetrician and start a horse farm.

— bio
Willa Pan Zhou is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. She competed alongside her partner, Antonio Iannicelli, as the Blue Team.


Willa's parents, Jay and Xiao, are research scientists at the University of Washington.


In the Casting Special, during her first audition video, she says how she is driven, and if anybody told her she can't do something, she will try 500x harder to tell them that she can do it. The casting crew was impressed by her drive and motivation, and was one of the twenty contestants to make it to the show, getting the news by phone.

Once on Endurance, Willa was one of the fourteen contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. Before deciding partners, she talked to Antonio about partners, and about how horrible it would be if she got the wrong teammate. In Cliffhanger, she caught the #7 ball, and stood in the Blue circle. She first had Kareem, but Antonio, who had the #4 ball, bumped him, and the team didn't change. Willa stated earlier that she didn't want Antonio as a partner, so it ended up disappointing her.

While the team did well in Ring of Fire, placing third, Willa becomes irritated by Antonio, criticizing his hair and even calling him a horrible partner, and everyone else thought she was a brat. When she went to the confessional, everyone imitated her, and she screamed. Most of the contestants believed she wasn't willing to work with Antonio, especially as most of the other contestants felt bad about her teammate.

They got a bag on the platform in the third round of Bagging on You, and eliminated the Green Team. When Red hit their platform, despite everyone pressuring them to eliminate Yellow, Red decided to eliminate Blue from the game. Blue was then sent to Temple by Yellow, out of the hopes that Orange would leave; Yellow also did so because if Blue left, then they wouldn't feel their wrath. Willa was pessimistic about their chances of doing well if they came back to the jungle.

However, Blue was swept by Orange, and became the first team to be eliminated from E3.

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  • Featured Quote: "What a horrible partner!"
  • "I'm going to go confess!"

Post EnduranceEdit

Willa graduated from Garfield High School in 2007, and went on to attend Harvard University. She has graduated from the latter in 2011 with  concentrations in Sociology and Social Entrepenurship, and since then she has founded the Movement, which advocates for fitness, and Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepenurship


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