Trevor Wilkins
Full name

Trevor Devaul Eugene Wilkins


October 25, 1989



Endurance, 4th place

Chicago, Illinois




Green Team


Lana Neiman


Right to Stay


Dial In

Trevor is the youngest competitor on Endurance. He is the middle linebacker for the YMCA football team, and he hates losing!

— bio
Trevor Devaul Eugene Wilkins (born October 25, 1989) is a former contestant on Endurance. He competed alongside his partner, Lana Neiman, as the Green Team.


Trevor is the son of Anthony Wilkins and Dorothy Tucker. His father is an investment banker, and his mother is a journalist. He has a younger brother, Cody, and a younger sister, Nya. Trevor Wilkins was born and raised on Chicago’s south side. He attended Whitney Young High school, where he was voted class vice-president. Trevor participated in the Whitney Young football team, where he earned all-conference honors as a safety. He recorded 76 tackles, three pass breakups and two interceptions.


Trevor was one of the 14 contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he didn't agree with the List, but played along with it until he could find an opportunity to mess it up. While he was initially assigned to be partnered up with Chelsea, he was chosen to be paired with Lana after Max noticing him pointing at her.


  • "We formed the Brotherhood so that we would have one strong alliance."
  • "We won something!"
  • "It's basically Rock-Paper-Scissors, you can't get a head start on Rock-Paper-Scissors."
  • "I'll just stay far away from (Lana) until the mission."

Post EnduranceEdit

In high school, Trevor mentored teenage parents sophomore through senior year.

During his time he worked with teenage fathers through the Next Step Chicago Child Care program while also working at the DuSable Museum of African American history. While working at the DuSable Museum he developed a deep interest and love for the history and future of his people. After high school Wilkins went on to Princeton where he participates on both the track and football teams. He is currently on sabbatical doing research on the psychological effects of violence on youth in Chicago in comparison to its effects on soldiers returning from war.

Trevor attended Princeton University.


  • Trevor, along with Chris from Endurance: Tehachapi, are the two youngest contestants ever to compete on Endurance, both being 12 years old in their respective seasons.

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