A Temple Mission is one of two types of missions found on Endurance. This determines which team would send two other teams to the Temple of Fate; in the final three, it determines which team gets a guarenteed spot to compete in the Endurance Finals.

About Edit

Temple Missions usually occur the day after an Endurance Mission, and is usually based on endurance (e.g. Walk the Plank). The winners of the Temple Mission are immune from being sent to Temple, and guarentee themselves at least two more days on the show. However, they also have the power to send two teams to the Temple of Fate.

When a team gets the Samadhi, the penalty is placed at the Temple Mission, which makes it harder for them to win. Out of the 19 Samadhis given on Endurance, only four teams have overcame the Samadhi. As a result, most Samadhis result as an automatic loss. In two cases, a team has to sit out of a challenge, guarenteeing them that they won't win the mission.

When making their decision, it can be based on needing a team to eliminate another (as in the case of Endurance's first), to break up alliances (shown in Cherry Picker), or to constantly eliminate an outsider team (hence the three times before the final Temple Mission where Blue in Endurance: High Sierras was sent to Temple). In other cases, the winning team would choose the strongest teams to go to Temple. However, they must be careful, because one team is coming back.

In the Final Three, the Temple Mission is always the last mission before the final day of competition. With the exception of Endurance: Fiji, the winner gets an automatic spot in the final two; the two losing teams are automatically sent to the Temple of Fate, where one team is eliminated one day short of winning it all.


  • The team who wins the first Temple Mission ends up getting to the final four or higher.