Reece Bors
Full name

William Reece Bors


July 20, 1989


Louisville, Kentucky



Endurance 3: Hawaii, 4th place

Shelbyville, KY




Purple Team


Sarah Baker


The Arrival


The Final Four

A mild mannered daredevil, Reece expresses his athleticism everywhere, from the track to the stadium, on his skateboard and his motorbike. This Southern gentleman enjoys camping, so he won't miss electricity or hot water and he's determined to do whatever it takes to win.

— bio
William Reece Bors (born July 20, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. He competed alongside his partner, Sarah Baker, as the Purple Team. Reece is currently a student at the University of Louisville.


Although Reece was born in Atlanta, Georgia he grew up in Kentucky.


At fourteen years old, Reece was one of twenty new contestants selected to be a part of the third season of Endurance.

Reece was chosen by the girls to skip the Right to Stay, despite thinking of giving it to Monroe. In the Partner Selection, he got the #3 ball, and, instead of bumping any of the other males, he chose Sarah to be on the Purple Team. 

In Ring of Fire, they won the mission--a surprise considering Sarah's strength. They debated over whether to give to give the Samadhi to the Green Team (whom they considered to be the strongest team) or the Yellow Team (the weakest team), and decided to give it to Yellow. Before it was revealed what was in the Samadhi, Bryanah asked Reece why would he give it to the weakest team, in which Reece replies it just happened that way. However, Purple was the fourth team eliminated in Bagging on You, by the Brown Team. When Yellow won the mission, Reece was shown clapping for them. Purple was spared from the Temple of Fate.

Like all the other contestants in Squaring Off, he was suprised with the twist of the Temple Mission coming up that day. During that mission, he worked with the Red, Orange, and Gray Teams, but in a twist, he chose the Yellow Team to go next. This led to a wave of Yellow, Green, and Brown playing, until Brown picked Orange, which reestablished his alliance in this game. Purple lost, but they were spared from the Temple of Fate.

In Out on a Limb, he held up Sarah through the mission. At the final four, he almost let go, but managed to recover. When it came down between him and Monroe, the latter smiled at him deviously, and Reece replied, "Monroe, you're a beast!" before letting go. They were placed on Yellow's superteam, alongside Gray.


  • "Monroe, you're a beast!"


  • Reece was the only contestant to ever come from Kentucky.
  • Only blond/blonde guy to be on the Purple Team.


Reece is an aspiring musician, and attended the University of Louisville.

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