Raft Pull
Season 4, Episode 4
Raft pull
Aired October 22, 2005
Mission Raft Pull
Winner Purple Team
Eliminated Gray Team
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"Yeah, get Blue, get Blue, get Blue!"
Callie encouraging the other contestants to target Blue

Raft Pull is the fourth episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.


The stakes are raised as the teams battle it out in their first Temple Mission. As the competition heats up, alliances are revealed, enemies are made, and one team will leave the game for good!


The episode begins with everyone discussing who they would send to Temple if they won the mission. The vast majority of them said that they would send Blue and Gray; however, some of them were wondering who would Blue or Gray send if either of them were to win the mission. They all believed that it would be Green or Yellow. Julie comments that's she's worried that because the Gray Team has the Samadhi, they had to work harder. The Gray Team assumes they're going to Temple after the conversation. However, John believes that Gray is a strong team, and says that if they were to be sent to the Temple of Fate, they would come back and win.

Sometime later, the teams arrived for their first Temple Mission. J.D. points out by the end of the day, there will be only 6 teams. He reminds them that the winner of the challenge would send any two teams to the Temple of Fate, but only 1 would come back. J.D. goes on to talking about the mission: the 7 teams will start on their team colored triangle; they then have 30 seconds to take the sandbags and put them on any team color they want. Once time is up, the teams have to take the sandbags they have been given, and load them onto their raft. Then, they have to take the rope, and pull themselves to the other side, get the flag, and race back. The first team to get back with their flag wins. If a team gets more sandbags, the harder it takes to pull their raft, because it will be heavier. Since Gray Team got the Samadhi in the previous episode, they had 4 sandbags on their platform to start.

When JD yells, "Go!", all the teams ran to the sandbags, and automatically started targeting Blue. They also targeted Gray, while the other teams had very little in comparison. Once time was up, all the teams started to load their rafts. Blue and Gray ended up getting the most sandbags. Orange and Purple were the first teams to start rowing, followed by Yellow. Red and Green subsequentially started rowing, leaving Blue and Gray on shore. Orange had the early lead, but Purple took the lead a few minutes later. Yellow was close behind. Meanwhile, Gray finally finished loading, but Purple was at the other side of the lake and grabbed their flag first. Yellow follows them close behind. Then, they overtook Orange for 2nd place, and Red is slowly climbing up. Purple was the first team to get back to shore, but Daniela has a hard time to get it out, but they do. Meanwhile, Red was catching up, and may overtake Purple, who've fell down. However, it was Purple who came up with the victory. They ended up celebrating, and Yellow, Red, Orange, and Green joined them, but later on they have to send two teams to the Temple of Fate.

In their commentaries, Chris mentions that at the beginning of the mission, Shea started targeting Yellow, which made him go after Blue. Callie looked confused, but then told everyone to go after Blue. Julie mentions that everyone split in half and they either targeted Gray or Blue. Shea later comments that by the time Blue was halfway across, Purple was halfway back. Daniela mentions that they were pulling to go faster, but when their raft tipped over, she wanted them to slow down. Erika points out that Purple was ahead, but Red was coming close, but Daniela had trouble pulling out the flag while Franke handed it over to Erika. It ended up being in a close race, but Purple won. Daniela later mentions that once she put the flag on, she was so happy, and thought that Jonathan was a good partner after all. John mentions that it was unexpected that the Purple Team won.

In the cabins, Daniela, John, and Michael were discussing about who Purple would send to the Temple of Fate. Gray knows that they were going, and Blue and Orange were worried that one of them was going to be sent up. Michael confirms that he's not going, so Gray and Blue would've gone as planned. However, Daniela tells them that they may never know, and at any time, she could change it up. She comments that it feels good that everyone is coming around her and asking her to not send them to Temple, and nobody expected it to happen.

Sometime later, J.D. comments that less than a week ago, Daniela was upset that she got Jonathan as a partner, and now she's in total control, which she mentions it feels very good and likes her partner. J.D mentions that they have to select two teams to go up to the Temple of Fate, where only one team will return. He also mentions that the eliminated team can give their piece to any team they want, along with a note. When it came time to send two teams to the Temple of Fate, Jonathan based his decision on who's the strongest, so they sended Blue and Gray as planned.

Almost immediately, Shea started saying his goodbyes, while Jeszie comforts Amelia . Julie mentions that she's upset by being sent up, but knew it was coming. She's also surprised how close people can get in a week when they don't have material posessions. Amelia is upset, but she mentions that she can't tell people's feelings, and they could change. Jonathan mentions that because Gray and Blue stuck by each other's side, the other teams freaked out, because they could be the strongest alliance ever. Shea mentions that he wished he could've had more alliances with teams other than Gray, because it made people nervous. Callie mentions that since Blue and Gray are very close, if one of them leaves, the surviving team will be greatly affected.

All the contestants said their goodbyes to the Gray and Blue Teams. Julie mentions she wants to come back, but wishes the best of the Blue Team. John mentions he will take away the people and the amazing wildlife from the experience. Amelia is worried that there's a 50/50 chance of survival, and they could be the team to leave. Shea sends a message to all the other contestants.

When Gray and Blue makes it to the Temple of Fate, J.D. welcomes them. He then tells them of the game: they have to choose the dominant element out of Fire, Water, or Wood. In the first round: Blue chooses water, and Gray chooses fire, so Blue wins. In the second round, it turned out being the opposite of the previous round, evening the score. In the tiebreaker, Gray chooses water and Blue chose wood. Blue wins, resulting in Gray's elimination.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Chris & Callie Trust
Franke & Erika Heart
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamwork
Leadership & Teamwork
Shea & Amelia Courage
Michael & Kylie Knowledge
To be given in the next episode: Commitment


In Raft Pull, all 7 teams have 30 seconds to target a team by placing as many sandbags as they can onto their color platform. Once time is up, all the teams have to load up their rafts--the more sandbags accumulated, the longer it will be to load onto the raft, and will be harder when they sail themselves to the other side. Once there, the team has to grab their team-colored flag, then row back. The first team to make it back wins.

Prodcution NotesEdit


  • Franke: "Good job, partner." (to Erika)
  • John (confessional): "We're a strong we're going to come back, do what we have to do, and win."
  • Daniela: "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop!"
  • Jonathan (confessional): "Yeah, baby! Me and Daniela won the first Endurance 4 Temple Mission."
  • Callie: "Yeah, get Blue, get Blue, get Blue!"
  • Daniela (confessional): "Everyone underestimated us, and gave us two little sandbags, and guess what we did--we won. Who's in charge now?"
  • Michael: "Well, I'm not going!"
  • Daniela: "You guys will never know; I could twist it and be like, Green and Yellow."
  • Franke: "It's going to be weird waking up without one of you guys tomorrow."
  • Julie: "He's smiling and I'm about to cry."
  • Jeszie: "Don't cry; it gets everybody else teary."
  • Jonathan: "It's clear from the beginning that you guys had each other's backs and that freaked everyone out."


  • Third time in four seasons where the Gray Team was the first team eliminated, and first since Endurance 2.
  • This episode marks the first time the Blue Team survives the Temple of Fate.
  • Coincidentially, the teams sent up to Temple were the first team eliminated and the winner on Endurance: Hawaii.
  • Blue has the most sandbags, followed by Gray, Green, Red, and Yellow. Purple and Orange had the least sandbags, with 2.

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