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Julie Dubela
Full name

Julie Dubela


January 16, 1991


Student, Singer

Endurance: Tehachapi, 7th place

Stratham, New Hampshire




Gray Team


John Kardian


Hang Glide


Raft Pull

This multitalented songbird performed the national anthem during a baseball game last year featuring her beloved Boston Red Sox. When not singing, rock climbing, playing lacrosse or surfing, Julie loves to dance ballet, jazz and tap. She wants to perform on Broadway when she’s older. Her strategy for dealing with the stress of Endurance? Singing! Julie also believes in giving back to the community. She recorded a CD to send out to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and she sings at nursing homes.

—DiscoveryKids.com bio

Julie Dubela is a former contestant on Endurance: Tehachapi. She competed alongside her partner, John Kardian, as the Gray Team.


At fourteen years old, Julie was one of twenty new teens selected to be a part of the fourth season of Endurance. It seemed she quickly became close with Amelia and Brooke who seemed to hang out a lot as a trio. She seemed a bit nervous about the right to stay challenge but she managed to endure long enough to become an official endurance competitor as well as Amelia. Brooke though was eliminated.

In the Partner Selection, she outlasted a few of the guys and girls but finished in around the middle of the pact. Chris was the winner and thus had the power to decide all of the teams, minus Blue as Shea and Amelia were already paired. She was placed with John to form the Gray team and both seemed happy with the result.

In Blocked, She and John were one of the better performing teams but still lost to Green. Julie felt she did good and it should that their team strong. On the other hand, she noted this made them a target. At the meeting place, JD inquired about Gray's friendship with Blue and asked if it was an alliance. She said it was simply a strong friendship though she said they would help each other during the game (she admitted in a confessional that it was an alliance). Gray was chosen to get the samadhi, noting they would get 4 sandbags in the temple mission. She noted that many of the other teams were against the Blue-Gray alliance and felt that Gray would be sent to temple if anyone other than themselves or Blue won. In Raft Pull, Gray and Blue were ganged up on by the other teams. Due to the amount of sandbags given to them, they were the sixth team to launch their boat and were far beyond those ahead of them. Purple ultimately won and, as expected, Gray was sent to temple against Blue. In the first round, Gray picked fire against Blue's Water. The reverse happened in the second round, tying it. In the final round, Gray picked water but Blue picked Wood, thus eliminating Gray.

In their elimination letter, Gray left their pyramid piece to Blue.


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Post Endurance[]

Julie is an aspiring singer. She auditioned for the seventh season of American Idol but did not make it through. She had previously been a semi-finalist on American Juniors.

After completing the show, Julie met and became close friends with Alex Reid from Endurance: Hawaii. They were briefly in a girl group put together by Universal Music Group and realized that they were both on Endurance.


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