Jon Crocilla
Endurance crocilla
Full name

Jon Crocilla


November 30, 1986


Stewart Talent Agency

Endurance, 2nd place

Chicago, Illinois




Yellow Team


Sabrina Lloyd


Right to Stay


Don't Drop the Ball

Jon loves football, hockey and snowboarding on the grass. Jon will take the message of fighting for what you believe (from his favorite movie, Gladiator) to every challenge on Endurance.

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Jon Crocilla (born November 30, 1986) is a former contestant and finalist on Endurance. He competed alongside his partner, Sabrina Lloyd, as the Yellow Team.


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Jon was one of the contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he told the group he wanted Sabrina for a partner because he believed she has what it takes to win the game. As a result, Jonna put them together on the List, and they were put together by her. They formed the Yellow Team, the first ever team on Endurance.

In Tilt, he managed to hold Sabrina for a long time, until she let go, putting the Yellow Team in second place. Meanwhile, the Yellow Team started an alliance with the Red and Gray Teams, and made a deal with Jonna so his team wouldn't get the Samadhi. He talked to Trevor about the latter's alliance; in the confessional, Jon believed the Brotherhood was a possible threat--a fear unfulfilled when the alliance broke up the same day.

In Knotted Up, Yellow did average in the challenge, and were spared from the Temple of Fate.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Jon was the complete opposite of Sabrina. He was the moral compass for the team, and would frequently have looks of disbelief on his face as some of the things that Sabrina plotted, e.g. giving the Samadhi to the Red Team. He was also friendly with the other contestants.

Jon dated Ashley Gudzak after the show, but they broke up before the Endurance Reunion.


  • "[Skyler] doesn't care about other people; he just wanted to win from day one." (Tilt)
  • "Who's like, your main group?"
    • Trevor: "The Brotherhood."
  • (in letter to Ashley) "Throughout the entire time, I had an awesome time with you. You are a great person and friend....I will miss you so much and I hope we keep in touch."

Post EnduranceEdit

He attended Elmhurst College, and currently lives in Chicago and works as a Senior Sales Representative.


  • Jon and Ashley's relationship is one of the most high profile Endurance relationships.
  • According to the never-before-seen polls in Endurance Reunion, Jon was considered the messiest out of the contestants.
  • Sabrina considers Jon to be her best friend on the show, as he knew everything that Sabrina was planning and she didn't have to lie to him in the process.
    • According to the Endurance Reunion, they were considered the team to most likely to keep in touch--which they did.
  • Jon and Sabrina became the first ever team on Endurance, because they were picked first in Partner Game.

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