J.D. Roth
Date of Birth 20 April 1968
Place of Birth Cherry Hill Township, NJ
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Occupation(s) Television Personality

Game Show Host
Voice-Over Performer
Television Producer

J. D. Roth (born April 20, 1968, in Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey) is an American television personality, actor, children's game show host, a voice-over performer on many television programs, and a television producer of reality shows. Roth is currently the announcer and co-creator of the reality show The Biggest Loser on NBC. He also hosted ABC's fall 2008 series Opportunity Knocks.

His previous hosting jobs include the Fox adult reality game show Unan1mous, the children's reality show Endurance on NBC and the Discovery Kids Channel, and the children's game show Fun House which aired both in syndication and on Fox.

Roth is also the CEO of 3Ball Productions, a television production company based in Manhattan Beach, California.[1]

Roth and his wife Christine are the parents of two children, Cooper and Duncan.