J.D's Greatest Twists
Season 6, Episode 15
Aired June 28, 2008
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J.D.'s Greatest Twists is an Endurance Special aired after Endurance: Fiji.


JD counts down the top five twists in Endurance history.


5: E1. The contestants find out that 6 contestants will be going home the first day. They ended up playing the right to stay, where Shane, Ron, Alejandro, Cree, Lacey, and Heather all left the island, while the remaining 14 contestants continued on to the official game. This twist would continue on for the rest of the series.

4: E6's Magic Box, in which Green won and lied about it to the rest of the contestants, saying they can't be sent to Temple in the first Temple Mission, while it was one free round at the Temple of Fate. It was finally revealed by them to the Orange Team in Shark Bait at the Temple of Fate, where they used their advantage against their allies.

3: E5. The Team Switch in which Blue has won and decided to give it to the Red Team with the belief that Red in Green would switch, while Cameron put Connor on Blue and Isaac on Gray. While drama ensued in the partner switch, it benefitted Taylor, as the new Blue Team won two missions, survived three trips to Temple, and made it to the final three.

2: E2: Return of Max and Jenna, former E1 contestants. While all the contestants were shocked by this revelation, others want them to be eliminated. Nevertheless, with their strength and their friendships with Green and Yellow, Brown eventually made it to the finale and won it all.

1: E3: The Return of the Eliminated contestants. After the seven teams were chosen, the eliminated contestants: Tom, Eleanor, Marshall, Brandon, Taylor, and Vanetta all came back for a second chance in the game. The winner would pick his/her partner and being the 8th team: the Brown Team. In the end, Tom won and chose Vanetta as his partner.

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  • Endurance: Tehachapi is the only season in which none of their twists ended up on the list.
  • Goof: In the Right to Stay twist, JD names the second boy to fall off as Brian, when in reality, his name was Ron.

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