"I'm going to be the Endurance Champion. That's right. You're looking at him right here."
— Isaac in a confessional after Fireball

Isaac Hainley
Isaac fireball
Full name

Isaac David Hainley

Endurance: Tehachapi, 3rd place

Portland, OR




Green Team


Jeszie Geronimo


Hang Glide


Circle of Trust

Isaac David Hainley is a former contestant on Endurance: Tehachapi. He competed alongside his partner, Jeszie Geronimo, as the Green Team.


Isaac is the youngest of three children of Matt and June Hainley.


Big-time jock Isaac plays soccer, baseball, football and basketball (he was named most valuable player). He also made the varsity tennis team after playing the sport for only one week! Being such a quick study will surely be a strength on Endurance. When not on the sports field, Isaac plays drums and the piano.

— bio
Isaac was one of the contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, he made it clear to the group that he wanted Jeszie as a partner, much to her delight. He placed second in the challenge to select the partners. Because Michael and Kylie were already paired up as the Orange Team, he and Jeszie became the last team formed, as the Green Team. Soon afterwards, he and Jonathan started the Purple-Green Alliance, and had the Yellow Team join them on the side.

In Blocked, the Green Team battled with Gray throughout the second half of the challenge, but ended up winning, due to their teamwork.

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Isaac was considered one of the strongest contestants on the show. As a result, Green won the majority of the missions that season. Isaac is also loyal contestant who would protect his friends.

He was good friends with the Purple Team, especially Jonathan, and was very close friends with Amelia. These came to light in Hang 5, where he argued with Jeszie about who to give the Samadhi to.


  • "I'm going to be the Endurance Champion. That's right. You're looking at him right here." (confessional) (Hang 5)
  • "Let's play guess who I am." (screams) "Yeah, Jeszie, that's you." (Hang 5)
  • "I'm not going to allow Jeszie to have her way today." (Hang 5)
  • "The Green Team is the only team that hasn't been sent up to Temple yet." (to Franke) Cubed

Post EnduranceEdit

Isaac graduated from Central Catholic High in 2008, and attended the University of Southern California.


  • Isaac's fight with Jeszie was one of the top 10 Endurance moments from the first 4 seasons on the Discovery Kids website.
  • Isaac's friendship with Amelia became one of the most high-profile Endurance relationships.
  • Isaac shares some similarities with E6 contestant Will Cuddy:
    • Both of them were on the Green Team.
    • Both of them were from the same region in Oregon (Isaac is from Portland, while Will is from Beaverton, which is seven miles west of Portland)
    • Both were part of the strongest team of their respective seasons, though neither of them won.
    • Both made it to the final three.
  • Isaac's life-long dream is to go to Africa and dance with the natives.


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