Hang 5
Season 4, Episode 9
Hang 5
Aired February 4, 2006
Mission Hang 5
Pyramid piece Strength
Winner Green Team
Samadhi Red Team
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"Now let's play guess who I am. (yells) Yeah, Jeszie!"
Isaac Hainley to Jeszie Geronimo in their fight

Hang 5 is the ninth episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.

Overview Edit

After the four remaining teams test their strength in the Endurance Mission, a discussion about the Samadhi erupts into a shouting match for one team. But up on the hill the painful decision makes emotions run high for everyone!


The episode begins with all the teams gathering outside the cabins with J.D., who mentions that the last time he saw Daniela, he was not sure that he'll ever see her smile again. He asks her how does it feel to come back from the Temple of Fate, where she mentions that she felt great. He later points out that they've overcame something major the previous night, and says that Endurance is about collecting all 13 pieces first. Green and Red are tied for first with three, Blue with 2, while Purple has 1.

J.D. mentions that the Orange Team left the previous evening, and hands Erika a note from them. Michael mentions Franke lifted his spirits with his "strange, fun stories." He also forgives Jeszie, and congratulates Purple for winning at Temple. He later points out that luck is where preperation meets opportunity. Kylie supports the Red Team winning, and hands over the Knowledge piece to the Red Team, giving them the lead with 4 pieces. Despite having the lead, Erika believes that the Red Team could become a target.

At the cabins, people have been noticing that Isaac and Amelia have been hanging out together. Isaac mentions that Amelia was like his best friend, and they are really close. Amelia mentions she doesn't have a "thing" for Isaac. However, Jeszie disapproves of the friendship, because it takes Isaac's focus away from the competition, and believes Amelia should be gone.

The final four teams go to their challenge, and J.D. points out he was almost looking for the rest of them, because there were very few teams left. He mentions that today is an Endurance Mission, and he comes bearing gifts: the Strength piece, and the Samadhi. He points out the Strength piece was fitting for the mission because it takes a lot of strength, whereas the Samadhi could mean the difference if they were to stay on Endurance. In the mission, one member of each team is going to hold on to a bar suspended above the water, while the other player sits on top, where they have to move their partner across the water. The partner below has to transport 5 triangles from one end to the other. The first one to do so wins the challenge, the piece, and the Samadhi.

When the challenge starts, the Green Team appears to be in the lead, while Red is having some difficulties moving. Green makes it to the other side first, followed by Purple and Blue. Red is still having problems. Green completes the first round trip. Purple finishes their first piece as well as Red makes it to one side. Green still has the lead, and Purple and Blue not far behind. After a while, Red has their first piece. Later, Green is going for their 4th piece, Purple and Blue getting their 3rd, and Red getting their second. Sometime later, Green wins, now their 3rd challenge in a row. They won the Strength piece, tying them with Red, and the Samadhi. However, Isaac admits that if he didn't have to make the decision, he wouldn't, because he doesn't want to decide between his friends.

Back at the cabins, Jeszie suggests to give the Samadhi to Blue, because of her friendship with Erika on the Red Team, and Isaac's friendship with Jonathan on Purple. However, Isaac's friendship with Amelia complicates matters. He talks to Jonathan and Shea, thinking that Green should give the Samadhi to Red, but Jeszie thinks that Purple is the next strongest team. He only worries about getting sent to Temple by Blue. However, Shea contradicts that statement by saying that he would send Red and Purple. Isaac wonders why, and Shea asks why he would send Green. He then asks why Green would give the Samadhi, and states that he's hypocritical.

When Isaac and Jeszie discussed about the Samadhi, Isaac tells her that he wants to give Red the Samadhi because they are the strongest team other than Green, and "Erika is a beast at everything she does". However, Jeszie asks if its based off individuality, because Franke screwed up in the day's mission. She then asks why he doesn't want to give the Samadhi to Blue, and points out that in the beginning, Isaac wanted Blue and Gray gone, but Isaac only wanted Gray gone.

Jeszie then states that Red and Purple are equal, which Isaac immediately disagrees. Then he tells her how they are equal in the first place. Just when she was about to explain, he asks why she wants to send Purple, with Jonathan saying, "What?!", and Shea and Daniela staring in the background. Jeszie points out that Purple has won a mission, but didn't get a piece, whereas Erika from the Red Team won the Discipline piece, and the remaining pieces were just handed over by the eliminated teams. She then starts screaming why Isaac wants to spare Purple, and he counterattacks by saying why Jeszie wants to save Red, where she comments for the exact same reason. Isaac explains why he isn't sending Purple to Temple, because they're weaker than Red, because Erika was a beast on the team. When Jeszie asks about Jonathan, he points out that he is weak. Jeszie then counterargues by saying Purple were where they are because of Isaac; without him, Purple would've been eliminated earlier. He also points the same situation out in Jeszie's protection of Erika, and explodes into a screaming match about the two teams. The argument ends with the two teammates staring at each other angrily.

While the remaining 4 teams hike up the hill, Isaac and Jeszie still argued about who's getting the Samadhi. When they get there, J.D. points out that this was the first time that a team going up the hill was still arguing about who to give the Samadhi to. He wonders how it changed from seeing Green beat out the other three teams, to a full-blown argument. Isaac says that he doesn't want to give it to a certain team, and Jeszie doesn't want to give it to another team. Jeszie objects the claim, stating that Isaac wanted to save 2 teams, J.D. mentions that it was good, because on Endurance, and in real life, a person has to make a decision that makes everyone happy. Jeszie asks who Isaac doesn't want to give the Samadhi to, and he says Purple and Blue. Then, Jeszie points out she stayed with Red since the beginning, while Isaac was committed to Purple and Yellow. However, Yellow was eliminated earlier, and Blue was coming in their place.

J.D mentions that everyone, based on their facial expressions, was here, except for Amelia. She appears sad, then she explains because of Isaac and Jeszie's friendships with Purple and Red, she was willing for them to give Blue the Samadhi. At a corner, Erika tells Jeszie to give it to Red. After hearing about it, it makes Jeszie cry, because everyone was upset, and tells about what happened in the background. She mentions that she doesn't want to see anybody cry, and admits that each member of the Green Team wanted to do something that was best for themselves, while Erika and Amelia wanted to sacrifice their teams to the Samadhi for everyone else's good.

J.D tells that the Green Team has to give the Samadhi to one of the three remaining teams, at which Jeszie lets Isaac make the decision. He decides to give it to the strongest team like he planned, and gave it to the Red Team.

When they crack open the Samadhi, it opens to show a drawing of a clock, with the hand pointing towards 60, meaning the Red team will have a one minute disadvantage in the next Temple Mission.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrustKnowledge
Heart, Discipline, Trust & Knowledge
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamworkLuckStrength
Leadership, Teamwork, Luck & Strength
Shea & Amelia CourageCommitment
Courage & Commitment


In Hang 5, one team is hanging from a bar, while the other player is on a trolley above them. The player on top has to transport the player below to get 5 triangles on one side, and take them to another. The first team to get all 5 pieces to the other side wins.

Production NotesEdit


  • Franke: "Four down, nine to go."
  • Isaac: "I wouldn't say I have a crush on [Amelia]; I mean, we're just really close, and she's like my best friend. I could just talk to her about anything, and she could talk to me about anything; we just trust each other a lot."
  • Jeszie: "Amelia is taking Isaac's focus on the game, and making him focus on her. I think she's just getting in the way so she's got to go."
  • J.D.: "Watching you guys come down here, I am almost looking for the rest of you. You know what I mean; it's only down to the final four teams."
  • Isaac (confessional): "I'm going to be the Endurance Champion. That's right. You're looking at him right here."
  • Jeszie: "Isaac says, to the end, he will save Purple. I say, to my end, I will save Red. That leaves Blue. I think it's just dumb."
  • Isaac: "This is the first time that I've been upset in this game."
  • Isaac: "You're putting words in my mouth now."
  • Jeszie: "Buddy, buddy buddy, and you won't give it to Blue."
  • Jeszie: "And you don't want to send Purple, why why why?"
    • Isaac: "And you don't want to send Red, why?!"
    • Jeszie: 'For the same reason! Cause we are the same!"
  • Isaac: "Because Erika is on their team. Everyone knows Erika is a beast!"
  • Jeszie: "Now let's talk quiet so I can explain to you why--"
    • Isaac: "You're telling me to talk quiet? You're the one who's been screaming this entire time!"
  • Isaac: "Now let's play guess who I am. (screams) Yeah, Jeszie!"
  • Franke: "I've got a bad feeling about this."
  • Amelia: "It would just be better to give us the Samadhi, just like. give it to us. It's not worth making all this conflict than just give it to us."
  • Jeszie: "Because everyone is upset. I mean, while Amelia was talking, Erika talked to me and said 'I'll take it'. It all affected me...but I don't want to see anyone cry; it just's hurts so much more...Erika and Amelia are trying to take it for everyone else. I'm trying to play the game the way it should be played, but Isaac's playing the game, for what's best for him. We think two different ways, but it hurts everyone around us."


  • Isaac and Jeszie's fight was one of the top 10 moments from the first four seasons of Endurance.
  • This is considered one of the most dramatic episodes on Endurance.
  • With this mission win, it marks Green's third consecutive victory, which ties Blue's from Dial In to Leap of Fate on E1.

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