Franke Sisto
Endurance: Tehachapi, 1st place

Sewell, NJ




Red Team


Erika Cook


Hang Glide


Finale (E4)

Franke considers superheroes to be his role models because “they do the right thing.” He always does the right thing, no matter the cost, and doesn’t want to hurt people to get ahead or win. As he says, “What good is winning if you made enemies?” Franke is into model kits based on popular anime series and has been collecting action figures since he was 6 years old! He’s not really into sports, but he does like to play volleyball. Franke is confident he’s got the three key things needed to win Endurance: brains, looks and personality!

— bio
Franke Sisto is a former contestant and winner of Endurance: Tehachapi. He competed alongside his partner, Erika Cook, as the Red Team.


Franke was one of the 14 contestants that made it through in the Right to Stay. Before the Partner Selection, Jeszie stated that she didn't want Franke for a partner. Later on, he was partnered with Erika by Chris, and became the Red Team. He was excited about getting Erika for a partner.

In Raft Pull, Red Team came within five feet of winning the mission, but they lost. In Drop Out, when Erika won the challenge, he cheered and hugged her in the water.


  • Featured Quote: "It's an agonizing minute, sir." (about the Samadhi in Cubed)
  • "Why couldn't everything go according to plan?"
  • Featured Quote: "If I'm not back in two hours I have been eliminated."
  • "What did I tell you? I told you that you and Daniela would make a good team. You guys have devastated and now you have the key. You guys have devastated and took control of the game...and my fate."
  • "Fine, congraulations, if you want to send us, fine, remember me as I am now. Full of anger and rage." (to Jonathan)
  • "NOOOO! Curse you Jon!!!"
  • "I'll miss the food; I'll miss the people. I'll miss the swing."
  • "Well, I'm [in the final two] now. I might as well win."
  • "No team has ever come up to Temple three times and come back three times. If we go up to Temple, I think we will lose knowing what the record is."
  • "I got seaweed in places I never knew existed." (confessional)

Post EnduranceEdit

Franke Graduated from Rowan University majoring in Film communication studies.


  • During the final three, Franke celebrated his sixteenth birthday; he received cards from the cast and a cake from the production crew. This makes him one of, if not the oldest contestants on the show.

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