An Endurance Mission is one of two types of missions found on Endurance. This is usually for pieces and the Samadhi, and is usually based on strength or speed.

About Edit

With the exception of Endurance 2, all seasons of Endurance have an Endurance Mission as the first mission, because it allows teams to get pieces after being partners.

Although most Endurance Missions are based on strength and speed, some involve strategy, teamwork, and, at times, alliances.

The winner of an Endurance Mission gets a piece and the Samadhi, where at the end of the day, they can give it to another team to handicap them in the next Temple Mission. The exception is in Endurance Hawaii, where Gray won a Samadhi that can either steal another team's pieces or switch partners. In the final three in E1 and the final 4 in E2, they decided to throw out the Samadhi from the game, creating a level playing field for the next Temple Mission.

From Endurance: Hawaii through Endurance: High Sierras, the winner of the second Endurance Mission can pick two other teams to form a Superteam, where they compete in the next Temple Mission. Also, in the last Endurance Mission, the remaining contestants at the time can create their own game using materials from previous missions.


  • All teams who won the first Endurance mission made it to at least the final four.