Endurance: High Sierras
Air Dates 10/14/2006 - 3/17/2007
Filming Dates July 30—August 21, 2006
# of Episodes 15
Winner Green Team

Alex Carignan
Cealey Godwin

Season Chronology
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Endurance: High Sierras is the fifth season of the reality TV series Endurance.

Leaving behind friends, family, cell phones, television, mp3 players and electricity, 10 guys and 10 girls from all across America will join together to compete on Endurance: High Sierras. Not knowing what adventures and challenges await them, they will have to overcome the pain and survive the Elimination Game just to qualify as one of the 14 official Endurance: High Sierras contestants. This year the kids will not only have to face some of the most grueling challenges yet, but they'll have to use their wits and make enduring friendships in order to last in this exciting new season!

Season 5 of Endurance took place in the High Sierras.



The latest season of Endurance takes place at Shaver Lake in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California. This location is set 5,500 feet above sea level and the area is known for its great skiing, snowmobiling and other winter sports. During the summer you can catch people water skiing, fishing and camping in the area. The famous Yosemite National Park is located in the High Sierras and the area also played a vital role in the Gold Rush of the 1800s!


Pyramid Pieces remained at thirteen, but we are introduced to the Triangle of Immunity, which allows a team to protect themselves or someone else from going to the Temple of Fate.

After the partner selction, there was a competition to determine team color, where the last team standing is automatically eliminated.

In Hot Potato, J.D. revealed the Samadhi before it has been won, revealing if a team were to win that day's Endurance Mission, they could then switch two partners on any two teams, even their own. They could also give that power to another team, who can decide instead. The Blue Team, who won that mission, gave the power to the Red Team, who put Connor on the Blue Team and Issac on the Gray Team.

Before the final temple mission, the teams were informed of a poll taken of who the eliminated teams thought deserved a second chance. Blue won by a landslide, and got a time advantage in the upcoming temple mission.


Picture Information Team


Picture Information
100 Garret Manno

Garret Manno

13, Orlando, FL

Colorless 8th
100 Anna Asare

Anna Asare

14, Laramie, WY

100 Ike Moody

Isaac Moody

15, Riverside, CA

Gray 7th
100 Darci Miller

Darci Miller

15, Baldwin, NY

100 Aric Manthey

Aric Manthey

15, Madison, SD

Yellow 6th
100 Lilly Brown

Lilly Brown

15, Bloomington, IN

100 Max McFarland

Max McFarland

14, Kansas City, MO

Orange 5th
100 Kristine Turner

Kristine Turner

14, Huntington Beach, CA

100 Cameron Uranick

Cameron Uranick

14, Orlando, FL

Red 4th
100 Aeriel Miranda

Aeriel Miranda

14, Dallas, TX

100 Connor Finnegan

Connor Finnegan

15, Acton, MA

Blue 3rd
100 Taylor Sico-McNulty

Taylor Sico-McNulty

14, Boxford, MA

100 Dakota Fisher

Dakota Fisher

15, Eliot, ME

Purple 2nd
100 Kelsey Schultz

Kelsey Schultz

15, Rockwall, TX

100 Alex Carignan

Alex Carignan

14, Leominster, MA

Green 1st
100 Cealey Godwin

Cealey Godwin

14, Tallahassee, FL

Right to Stay Eliminations
Picture Information Picture Information
100 Adrian Bardales

Adrian Bardales

15, LaPlace, LA

100 Martina Iwala

Martina Iwala

14, Ruston, LA

100 Rafael Liriano

Rafael Liriano

15, Bronx, NY

100 Stefanie Fernandez

Stefanie Fernandez

15, Boca Raton, FL

Episode ListEdit

Season # Series # Episode Title Original Airdate Production Code
1 74 "Balance is the Key" October 14, 2006 501
2 75 "Hangin' Around" October 21, 2006 502
3 76 "Unwind" October 28, 2006 503
4 77 "Hot Potato" November 4, 2006 504
5 78 "Move It Along" November 11, 2006 505
6 80 "Walk the Plank" January 13, 2007 506
7 81 "Fill and Spill" January 20, 2007 507
8 82 "Superboats" January 27, 2007 508
Recap 83 "Mid-Season Recap" February 3, 2007 509
10 84 "It's a Drag" February 10, 2007 510
11 85 "Create Your Own Game" February 17, 2007 511
12 86 "Fill 'er Up" February 24, 2007 512
13 87 "All Tied Up" March 3, 2007 513
14 88 "Slingshot Alley" March 17, 2007 514
15 89 "Finale" March 17, 2007 515
Special 90 "Best of Endurance High Sierras" May 27, 2007 516

Elimination TableEdit

Colors significance Edit

     (FIRST) This team won the final Endurance Mission and became Endurance Champs.
     (SECOND) This lost the final Endurance Mission and became the runners-up.
     (WIN) This team won the Endurance Mission.
     (WIN) This team won the Temple Mission.
     (SAMADHI) This team was handicaped with the Samadhi.
     (SAFE) This team didn't win the challenge, but didn't go to temple or received the Samdhi.
     (TEMPLE) This team won at the Temple of Fate and avoided elimination.
     (TEMPLE) The team came in last place during the Endurance mission and was forced to go to Temple in the next episode.
     (OUT) This team lost at the Temple of Fate and was eliminated.


  • First (and only) team switch in Endurance History.
  • Only season where only one team competes in the Superteam challenge.
  • First time where a team has gone to Temple 3 times and survived, breaking the Three Temple Curse.
  • Most pieces on the line in the final mission: 8 (tied with Endurance 2)
  • Last time an alliance survives to the end.
  • First time where the dominant team(s) of a season doesn't win.
  • Last time Endurance takes place in California.
  • Last consecutive season where Purple reaches the final four or higher.
  • First time a team was eliminated after the partner selection.
    • Only season where there was a colorless team.
  • Only appearance of the Triangle of Immunity.
  • Most trips to Temple for one team: 4 (Blue)
  • Only season where an advantage is given to one team before the Final Three challenge.
  • Last season where the teams can create their own game.
  • Last season where there are Superteams.
  • Only season where the Samadhi is opened before it has been won.
  • Fewest number of penalizing Samadhis: 2 (tied with Endurance: Fiji)
  • Only season where one team wins all the Samadhis.
  • First time since Endurance where a team doesn't go to Temple before the finale, and the last time where this happens.
  • Only season where the Right to Stay doesn't involve hanging on to something or has some relationship with a timeline.
  • Last season where the Gray Team appears.
  • Two E2 contestants, Max DeLeo and Jeff Phillips, worked behind the scenes of this season.
  • Last season where girls go first in Right to Stay challenge.
  • Only season where the Samadhi isn't a clay pot.
  • First season with a three-dimensional logo.
  • First time Endurance was not aired on NBC.
  • This season's standings matched with Endurance: Tehachapi's up to the final four.
  • First time the Green Team wins an Endurance season.