Endurance 3: Hawaii
Air Dates 9/25/2004 - 2/19/2005
Filming Dates June 6—27, 2004
# of Episodes 19
Winner Gray Team

Chris Vanderwier
Lindi Oest

Season Chronology
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Endurance: Hawaii (also known as Endurance 3: Hawaii) is the third season of Endurance.



Season three found Endurance contestants in a very different setting. This time around, the show was filmed in the jungles of Kauai, Hawaii. Lush vegetation surrounded them and soon they found out why things in Kauai were so green! The season three contestants faced 21 straight days of rain! Kauai is home to an assortment of beautiful tropical birds, like the Hawaiian Duck, Red-footed Boobies and the Laysan Albatross. Several of these Kauai residents are on the endangered species list.


The Brown team, which was a big twist the previous season, makes a return this year in a different way. Two contestants eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge had a second chance to become an official contestant of Endurance 3: Hawaii as the Brown team.

Another major twist is how the Samadhi in Pipeline can benefit a team: the team that wins it can either steal another team's pieces, or switch two teammates. The Gray Team, who won it, decided to steal Yellow's pieces.


Picture Information Team


Picture Information
S3 antonio

Antonio Iannicelli

14, Wellsley, MA

Blue 8th
S3 willa

Willa Zhou

15, Seattle, WA

S3 bjorn

Bjorn Leum

15, Ennis, MT

Green 7th
S3 alex

Alex Reid

15, Plano, TX

S3 kareem

Kareem Nugent

15, Bronx, NY

Red 6th
S3 rachel

Rachel Lofton

13, Poway, CA

S3 tom

Tom Maden

15, Coppel, TX

Brown 5th
S3 vanetta

Vanetta Smith

14, Cleveland, OH

S3 reece

Reece Bors

14, Shelbyville, KY

Purple 4th
S3 sarah

Sarah Baker

13, Downer's Grove, IL

S3 monroe

Monroe Gierl

15, Milwaukee, WI

Yellow 3rd
S3 bryanah

Bryanah Bascon

14, Stoughton, MA

S3 demian

Demian Martinez

15, Las Vegas, NV

Orange 2nd
S3 nicole

Nicole Clark

14, Los Angeles, CA

S3 chris

Chris Vanderwier

15, St. Augestine, FL

Gray 1st
S3 lindi

Lindi Oest

13, Tampa, FL

Right to Stay Eliminations
Picture Information Picture Information
Intro brandon

Brandon Johnson

13, Lithonia, GA

Intro eleanor

Eleanor Monahan

14, Hyde Park, MA

Intro marshall

Marshall Katheder

14, Orlando, FL

Intro taylor

Taylor Madison

15, Dallas, TX

Episode ListEdit

Season # Series # Episode Title Original Airdate Production Code
Special 33 "Casting Special (Part 1)" September 4, 2004 301
Special 34 "Casting Special (Part 2)" September 11, 2004 302
1 35 "The Arrival" September 25, 2004 303
2 36 "First Elimination" October 2, 2004 304
3 37 "Pick Your Partner" October 9, 2004 305
4 38 "Headstrong" October 16, 2004 306
5 39 "Ring of Fire" October 23, 2004 307
6 40 "Bagging on You" October 30, 2004 308
7 41 "Squaring Off" November 6, 2004 309
8 42 "Out on a Limb" November 13, 2004 310
Recap 43 "From 20 to 12" November 27, 2004 311
10 44 "Bamboo Jungle" December 4, 2004 312
11 45 "Pipeline" December 11, 2004 313
12 46 "I'm Pulling for You" December 18, 2004 314
13 47 "Balance Ball" January 8, 2005 315
14 48 "The Halfway Mark" January 15, 2005 316
15 49 "The Final Four" January 22, 2005 317
16 50 "Create Your Own Game" January 29, 2005 318
17 51 "Final Elimination" February 5, 2005 319
18 52 "Battle for the Pieces" February 12, 2005 320
19 53 "Season Finale" February 19, 2005 321
Special 54 "Galapagos Special" September 10, 2005 322
Special 55 "Best of Endurance Hawaii" September 17, 2005 323

Elimination TableEdit


  • Only time where the eliminated contestants from the Right to Stay came back.
  • First time where a team's pieces are taken away.
    • Only time where a team, other than before receiving their first piece, has zero pieces.
  • First time where there are Superteams.
  • First time where the contestants can create their own game.
  • First time a Samadhi doesn't handicap a team.
  • First time there are two consecutive Endurance Missions.
  • First time an option to switch teams was avaliable.
  • Only season where the Gray Team goes past the first elimination.
    • Only season where the Gray Team wins overall.
    • First time where the Gray Team wins a mission.
    • Only time where Gray make it to the final four or higher.
      • First season where a team other than Gray gets sent to Temple after the first Temple Mission.
        • First time where a team other than Gray is the first team eliminated.
        • First time where the Gray Team survives the Temple of Fate.
  • First time where the Samadhi isn't thrown out.
  • Most Samadhis given to a team; the Yellow Team received the Samadhi three times.
  • Second Green-Yellow-Brown alliance; however, only one of the three teams, the Yellow Team, made it to the final three.
  • Second and last season where there were eight teams.
  • Only season where a contestant had to leave for medical reasons.
  • Only time where only one person from a team goes to Temple.
  • First time where a piece that is introduced next season is given as a gift in the finale.
  • Only season where in every Temple of Fate, the eliminated team loses both rounds.
  • Most episodes in a season: 19 (24 including the recaps, the casting specials, and the Galapagos Special).
  • Only season with a casting special.
  • Only season with an episode about the Endurance Champions' grand prize trip.
  • One of two seasons where the Right to Stay challenge lasts two episodes (the other being Endurance: High Sierras.)
  • Last season where a team fails to survive three trips to Temple, as no team would go to Temple three times in E4, and the curse would be broken on E5.
  • First season where the contestants either pick, or compete to pick, the teams, rather than having a random partner selection (E2) or competing to choose one team, hoping to be the last one standing (E1).
  • Only season where the first mission doesn't happen the day after team selection.
  • One of two seasons where contestants get to skip the Right to Stay (the other being E5).
  • Second consecutive season where Purple makes it to the final four.
  • Only season where the Brown Team is eliminated.
  • Second consecutive season where Orange makes it to the Final Three.
  • Shortest finale game: the Gray Team won Endurance in four rounds.
    • Only finale where one team leads the entire time.
  • Last season where the partner selection involves catching a ball.
  • Last season where the Yellow Team made it to the final four or higher.
  • Last season where the Blue and Red Teams fail to make it to the final four or higher.
  • Most episodes where the episode title didn't match the challenge name (The Arrival and First Elimination--challenge name was "Pipedream", The Halfway Mark--"Try Tri Again", and Final Elimination--"Color Coded")
  • Considered by many fans to be the best season of Endurance.
  • Only season where the Green Team didn't make it to the final four or higher.
  • Three events: Lindi bumping Bryanah for Chris during the partner selection, Monroe beating out Chris and Reece in Out on a Limb, and the Damien-Nicole conflict made the top ten moments from the first four seasons.
  • Only season where it takes place in the United States outside of California.
  • First season where the Best of Endurance special was aired during the season, rather than three years later.
  • Only season in which neither Green, Blue, nor Purple made it into the finale.
  • A number of production problems were encountered during the filming of E3, including difficulties in obtaining location permits, torrential rains, muddy conditions, and mosquitoes.