Endurance: Fiji
Air Dates 10/13/2007 - 3/8/2008
Filming Dates August 4—18, 2007
# of Episodes 13
Winner Blue Team

Ben Scheuer
Jordyn Barbato

Season Chronology
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Endurance: Fiji is the sixth (and, for the time being, final) season of Endurance. It filmed in the summer of 2007, and aired from October 2007 to March 2008. The season featured sixteen new contestants, and other changes.



Season six of Endurance took place in Fiji.


An additional Pyramid Piece was added as a result of the events in season 5, Karma. This piece brings the total to fourteen. The pieces are as follows: Strength, Heart, Courage, Perseverance, Luck, Trust, Leadership, Discipline, Knowledge, Teamwork, Ingenuity, Commitment, Friendship, Karma.

Mana nei Lavo (magic box) was the reward for winning the first mission, rather than a pyramid piece and the samdhi. the winner (Green team) would have a round already won any time they were sent to temple.

The contestants had to elect a team (Blue team) to receive a reward. The reward was the Luck pyramid piece.

During the final temple mission, the winner wasn't automatically safe. The first place team would get one tv nut. second got five, and third got ten. After the mission, they put them in a bag, and mixed them up. The first two team colored tv nuts that were drawn were sent to temple.

Before the final mission, The eliminated competitors held a poll for who deserved an advantage. Blue won by a landslide, earning them the Karma piece.


Picture Information Team


Picture Information

Kyle Curtis

15, Pearland, TX

Yellow 6th

Briana Vega

15, Orlando, FL


Connor Konz

15, Houston, TX

Purple 5th

Jackie Wei

15, Highlands Ranch, CO


Caleb Courtney

15, Boone, NC

Orange 4th

Lauren Dixon

15, Orlando, FL


Jonathan Young

14, Orange Beach, AL

Red 3rd

Hannah Gross

14, West Bloomfield, MI


Will Cuddy

15, Portland, OR

Green 2nd

Leslie Powell

15, Austin, TX


Ben Scheuer

15, Cloquet, MN

Blue 1st

Jordyn Barbato

14, Tampa, FL

Right to Stay Eliminations
Picture Information Picture Information

Andres Ramirez

15, Austin, TX


Rebecca Simonoko

15, Ludlow, MA


Matthew Jones

14, Raleigh, NC


Cinnamon Aldridge

13, Omaha, NE

Episode ListEdit

Season # Series # Episode Title Original Airdate Production Code
1 91 "End of the Rope" October 13, 2007 601
2 92 "Memory Race" October 20, 2007 602
3 93 "Mana Kisi" October 27, 2007 603
4 94 "Blind Fate" November 3, 2007 604
5 95 "Box Launch" November 10, 2007 605
6 96 "Alliances Uncovered" November 17, 2007 606
7 97 "Weight an Hour" November 24, 2007 607
Recap 98 "Midseason Recap" February 2, 2008 608
9 99 "Island Hopping" February 9, 2008 609
10 100 "Shark Bait" February 16, 2008 610
11 101 "Stand Bags" February 23, 2008 611
12 102 "Finale, Part 1" March 1, 2008 612
13 103 "Finale, Part 2" March 8, 2008 613
14 104 "Best of Endurance Fiji" June 21, 2008 614
15 105 "J.D.'s Greatest Twists" June 28, 2008 615

Elimination TableEdit


  • Fewest number of teams participating: 6
  • Only season where the Gray Team doesn't appear.
  • Only season where there aren't twenty contestants to start with.
  • First season since Endurance where Purple fails to make it to the final four.
  • All three team colors that have yet to become Endurance Champions were the first three teams eliminated.
  • Second season where it takes place outside of the United States; the first being Endurance 2.
  • Only seasons where siblings of contestants from a previous season participated.
  • Most pieces in a season: 14
  • Only appearance of the Magic Box.
  • Only season where winning the final three mission doesn't guarentee a team a trip to the Endurance Finals.
  • Fewest number of episodes in a season: 12 (15 including recaps and the J.D.'s Greatest Twists special).
  • Oldest average age of all the contestants, 14.625.
  • Only season where it takes place outside of North America.
  • First time since Endurance 3: Hawaii where a team other than Gray is the first team eliminated, because there was no Gray Team this season.