First elimination

The first Gray Team's elimination, which paved the path for almost every future Gray Team.

The Curse of the Gray Team is an alleged curse on the Gray Teams of Endurance. In the first elimination, Gray usually gets sent to the Temple of Fate, and end up getting eliminated.

The curse began on Endurance, where Blue sends the Gray Team of the time, Max and Jenna , to eliminate the Green Team ; Gray thought that this would be a test of strength. However, Green swept them in two rounds, and Gray was eliminated.

On Endurance 2, Wayne and Maryelle suffered the same fate. In the next episode, it was discussed by JD and Jenna, who mentions "it's just bad luck!"

The curse was temporaily broken in Endurance: Hawaii , when, in the first Temple Mission, the Yellow Team decided not to send Gray up to Temple. In fact, Gray didn't go to Temple until the final four, but survived. They eventually became Endurance Champions.

However, the curse resumed in Endurance: Tehachapi , when the Gray-Blue alliance threatened the other contestants, and got sent to Temple and continued through Endurance: High Sierras . Gray's discontinuation on Endurance: Fiji could be influenced by the curse.


  • This is one of the most discussed-of topics on Endurance.