Cealey Godwin
Full name

Cealey Elizabeth Godwin


December 20, 1991


Hostess, Student

Endurance: High Sierras, 1st place

Tallahassee, Florida




Green Team


Alex Carignan


Balance is the Key



Whether it's pitching, playing first base or chasing fly balls in the outfield, Cealey is a star athlete on her righ-school softball team. However, she credits swimming and running with her golden retriever Cody for helping her to get in shape for Endurance. This fierce competitor also plays on two traveling soccer teams and refers to the soccer ball as man's greatest invention. But that's just one side of Cealey. She also competes in beauty pageants and holds the titles of Miss Personality and Miss Tallahassee in her home state. She's a natural-born winner and plans on making Endurance her next great achievement.

— bio
Cealey Elizabeth Godwin (born December 20, 1991) is a former contestant and winner of Endurance: High Sierras. She competed alongside Alex Carignan as the Green Team.


Cealey was one of the 16 contestants to make it through the right to stay. In the partner selection, she wanted to be partners with Alex, and despite Garret wanting her, she outright refused it. After the game Hangin' Around, Kelsey and Dakota put Alex and Cealey on the same team. She was excited, though was afraid of going home in the mission that followed.

In Unwind, Cealey and Alex untied their rope first, and became the Green Team, the first official team on Endurance 5. After receiving her color, Cealey was proud she was on an official Endurance Team.

In Hot Potato, Cealey was shocked when J.D. revealed the power to switch teams before the mission. After the mission, she, alongside Aeriel, went up to Taylor and volunteered to switch their teams. However, when Taylor gave Cameron the power to switch the teams, he left both Red and Green intact and switched Gray and Blue instead.

Like everyone else in Move it Along, Cealey felt the reprecussions of the previous day. 

Portrayal & RelationshipsEdit

Cealey was depicted as a competitor, but friendly with the other contestants, except for Taylor in Create Your Own Game. Cealey, however, thought it was because of similar personalities clashing with each other, as revealed in Slingshot Alley. Some people watching the show considered her the mean girl and the purple carried them throughout the game. She was probably the main "popular" girl, with her partner Alex and the Purple team. Her "relationship" with Dakota was probably based on a lot of flirting on both sides to keep the alliance together.


  • Featured Quote: "Come on! Get angry!"
  • "Just stop with the crying!"
  • "No; I don't want Garret; that's it! How many times do I have to say it?!"
  • "Do it for your family, your animals, your siblings..." (to Alex)
  • "Be quiet! 'Let go' isn't in your vocabulary!"
  • "...we want to prove to everybody that Purple didn't need to carry us. We earned our Right to Stay."
  • "Or should you be feeling really dumb right now because everyone was [crying] around you?? (to Connor)

Post EnduranceEdit

After graduating from Lawton Chiles High School, Cealey went on to attend Florida State University. Weekend sports anchor at WKOW-TV, Madison, WI, since April 2015.


  • Cealey's relationship with Dakota has been considered one of the most high-profile Endurance relationships.


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