"It's raining, it's giving me strength!"
— Alex in Ring of Fire

Alex Reid
Full name

Alexandra Hadas Reid-Varley




New York City, NY
Los Angeles, CA


Singer/Songwriter, Model



Endurance 3: Hawaii, 7th Place

Plano, Texas




Green Team


Bjorn Leum


The Arrival


Squaring Off

Alexandra Hadas "Alex" Reid-Varley is a former contestant on Endurance 3: Hawaii. She competed alongside her partner, Bjorn Leum, as the Green Team. Alex now currently is a part of the South Korean girl group RANIA, making her the first African-American member in a K-pop group.


Confident and composed, Alex has powerful pipes and loves to sing country, R&B and pop. She also plays basketball and is a great motivator for the 9-year-old girls she coaches in the sport. She believes that if you're not your own No. 1 fan, you'll never have a No. 1 fan.

— bio
Alex was first seen in the Casting Special when the casting crew went to Dallas to find potential contestants. She contrasted other reality TV shows, which featured shocking stunts, to Endurance, which she believed focused more on heart and determination. She was one of the first contestants to find out; while she was teaching some girls basketball, she got the call and got on the show.

Alex was one of the fourteen contestants that made it through the Right to Stay. In the partner selection, she was conflicted on whether to have Monroe as a partner or Bjorn. She ultimately decided on Bjorn for a partner. During the challenge, she caught the #10 ball and decided to be on the Green Team; Bjorn, who had the #9 ball, followed her. Since no other contestant bumped down out, they became the official Green Team. She believed that Lindi gave herself a bad reputation by stealing Chris from Bryanah, not really realizing that Lindi and Chris intended to become each other's partner.

In Ring of Fire, Alex was motivated by the rain in the challenge, and took frequent breaks to keep her strength up. This became a disadvantage when J.D. announced the final three teams would not be able to switch hands, which ultimately led to Green losing to the Purple Team. As a result, the Purple Team thought about giving the Samadhi to the Green Team, because they were the strongest team out of the group, but ended up giving it to Green's allies on the Yellow Team.

As a result, in Bagging on You, Alex was pessimistic about Yellow winning that day's Temple Mission, despite really being close to them. In the mission that followed, the Green Team was eliminated by the Blue Team in the third round, not getting a single sandbag onto their platform. However, the Yellow Team surprised everyone by winning that day's mission, and Alex was shown jumping happily when she noticed that. Because of this, the Green Team was spared from the Temple of Fate.

The next day, like the other contestants, she was shocked about the twist that the next mission was another Temple Mission. Because Orange was the first team to begin Squaring Off, the Green Team was picked off by Purple, Red, Orange, and Gray. However, when Reece gave the turn to the Yellow Team, the latter gave a turn to the Green Team, and they helped target the dominant alliance. Alex believed the Green-Yellow-Brown alliance was meant to win until Vanetta gave the power back to the Orange Team. With the power shifted, Yellow, Green, and Brown were quickly eliminated. Their fate was further sealed when Orange sent Green up with their best friends on the Yellow Team. As expected, Alex and Bryanah were particularly upset, and were seen crying before they left. Nicole believed that they were the shallow and manipulative ones, which reflected Nicole more. Green and Yellow were still crying when they were up at Temple, and even more so when Green lost in two rounds and was eliminated.


  • (about becoming Bjorn's teammate) "It was awesome; everything was set."
  • "What Lindi did showed bad character, and you don't wanna show that, especially not at the beginning of the game—she has made so many people look badly upon her now it's not even funny."
  • (about Lindi stealing Chris) "I think it could definitely affect her in this game; but whatever, I just hope people play their cards right."
  • "It's raining, it's giving me strength!"
  • "Willa is like, so not open to Antonio; she should be grateful and show him some respect."
  • "I love Bryanah and Monroe; I'd love for them to win, because I'd know I was safe then—but at the same time, I don't think it's even reasonable for me to even believe that..."
  • "Once they sent it over to Yellow, we had that game sealed; we had it won right there."
  • "This place is a miracle; I love the rain! It rains like every second. I'll just miss waking up to see it all."

Post EnduranceEdit

Alex is currently pursuing a career in music. Most recently she has appeared in an episode of MTV's "Made" as a mentor to two aspiring singers. In addition she has appeared in print ads for Heineken, Adidas, and was personally selected by Jay-Z to appear in a nationwide campaign for Rocawear.

In 2015, it was announced that Alex would be joining the K-pop idol group RANIA for their comeback, making her the first African-America member of an idol group. Her first track with the group, "Demonstrate", was released on November 4th [1]. She initially could not appear in the music video due to visa issues, but she eventually got into South Korea and now is a full member of the group. While Alex has been the subject to racially driven harassment by some Korean pop music fans on social media, but she chooses to avoid it by interacting with the accepting fans and spending her time with other members of the group.


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