Alejandro Rose-Garcia
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Alejandro Skylar Rose-Garcia


Ali, Shakey Graves


Actor, Musician

Endurance, Eliminated

Austin, TX




Right to Stay


Right to Stay

This young "Johnny Depp" look-alike is into theater and plays guitar. He views his participation on Endurance as a "rite of passage.

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Alejandro Skylar Rose-Garcia is a former contestant on Endurance. He was eliminated in the Right-to-Stay challenge. He has been acting and singing since before his time on Endurance.


Alejandro was born and raised in Austin, Texas.


Alejandro was one of the six contestants to be eliminated in the Right to Stay.


Alejandro was depicted as a cool character.


  • "I've come here to see what I can do, and it looks like I have some more growing up to do." (after the RTS)

Post EnduranceEdit

Acting careerEdit

Alejandro has been actively pursuing a career in film. He has appeared in films like, "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over", "Material Girls", "Midnight Bayou", and "Shorts", as well as having a recurring role in "Friday Night Lights". He is currently filming the movie, "Flynn", the story of combat photographer Sean Flynn, who went missing in Cambodia in 1970.

Music careerEdit

As a musician, Alejandro goes by the name Shakey Graves. He has been writing and playing music for a decade. He is currently signed to Constant Clip Records.

Shakey Graves came about in 2005 the year Alejandro says he caught a ghost of his very own. "I kept him in a cage and he sang songs for me when I fed him cigarettes and certain key substances." He and his ghost have lived in New York, lurked around as part of the Antifolk scene out there, traveled across the united states on trains, recorded in the desert, froze in Chicago, played songs on the TV, wore a mustache.


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